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Nintendo R4 3DS

The Release of the R4v2
The R4v2 was the newer version of the DS Card of R4 Revolution. It was predictably given the name, “R4v2 Revolution DS Card.” This was released in 2007. The spring mechanism was already removed in this version. Instead of this kind of mechanism, a slot located at the back portion was now added so that the user of the card would simply have to slot the Micro-SD card manually inside.

Because of this, there was no longer any kind of problem experienced that was similar to the case of the first version of the DS Card of R4 Revolution, which was basically on the spring mechanism.

Until the month of June, in 2008, the R4v2 card was being produced, together with updates for the software. During that time, there were already a lot of different kinds of SD cards being made available to the public. A lot of features were already being provided together with it, like for instance the capability to support cards that are Micro-SDHC. This feature made it possible to increase the capacity to about 32GB. Eventually, there are other types of features added like the ability to save real time, which means that at a particular freeze point, it may already be saved, and this would allow the user to simply continue it again.

SuperCard DStwo 3DS R4

In April 24, 2008, the very last update for the software of R4 card was introduced to the public. Even if there was continuous manufacturing, the team of the R4 had gone separate ways, but was able to work on different kinds of cards. Examples of these cards would include EZFlash, the M3i cards, as well as the M3, DSTT, and the M3i cards. Despite this, there was a group who were passionate about the R4v2, who still produced firmware that was actually unofficial, and this was done in order to maintain the compatibility ofR4v2 with games that are more highly technological. R4 Gold 3DSThis breakthrough was called YSMenu, and this allowed users to play games that are more advanced, however, applications that are homebrew may not be played using it.

Up to the present time, even if it is still considered to be the most efficient when it comes to loading, R4v2 would not be in any way sold or even become offered as for sale since there are still people who play new games that require capacity that is bigger for the storage as well as compatibility with other highly technological games.

R4 3DSThe R4 3DS card is a worthy opponent to the SuperCard DSTwo and iPlayer since it provides the same features while adding several new ones. With this card, you don’t have to waste your time converting your files before loading them in. You don’t even have to check if the memory is full every time, since 32gb is normally more than enough. Compared to others, the R4 3DS is a one-of-a-kind all-in-one must-have for every Nintendo DS owner!

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3DS IR - InfraRed Port on Nintendo 3DS R4 N3DS.

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