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Nintendo 3DS PokeWalker hacks and mods. PC apps and 3DS homebrew to modify the pokewalker, change the save game data and choose which Pokemon you will catch when you play.

3DS Pokewalker Pokemon 3DOne of the main features of the Nintendo 3DS is its built-in pedometer, healthy people, a means for counting the number of measures are used. The second function of this was announced, it seemed perfect for the next Pokémon. The pedometer may be substantially as Pokéwalker that comes with Pokemon Gold and Silver Heart Soul act. Players can go to their Pokémon, and even catch Pokemon that can not be obtained otherwise. One of the coolest features on the step counter is that the players virtual money (called units) for each step to take the get them. These coins can be used to play to unlock exclusive content 3DS support the function. These parts can be transferred to the new Pokemon games that Pokedollars or even in rare Pokemon are used and / or articles for use in games. The pedometer is a device in 3DS impressive that it will be used in many upcoming games such as Nintendo. Hopefully Pokemon at the top.

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Nintendo Pokewalker is pedometer taht is included with the latest installment of 3DS Pokémon video games, such as HeartGold and SoulSilver that two inches wide, millions of socks and backpacks will make, mention should not live in the pockets of all monsters equipped. Pokéwalker with the Pokémon franchise is finally try to complete the leap into the deep on the farm only products for children's media lifestyle for children everywhere. Pokéwalker with, literally, can all play the pace in their daily lives have become part of the game. The premise of the Pokemon series is: You're trying to travel a boy or a girl's world, the most difficult to catch hundreds of creatures, individually and collectively known as Pokemon, as you can. As soon as a band and a portion of his collection of wild animals, then the train and make it stronger, and turn their efforts in the fight against other trainers.

Nintendo 3DS InfraRedSo far, everything was in a real slot machines, as the 3DS current row of the pocket. If you do not have the machine with you, you can play the game not logical, right? The Pokéwalker However, an electronic pedometer. Loaded one of their Pokémon classified Pokéwalker that wirelessly connect to the Nintendo 3DS. You can then let the 3DS, which is smaller than a paperback book, after all. ("No, Mom, I do not suppose Nintendo school, you understand?") Set small Pokéwalker anywhere on your body, and it records every step you take in real life. These actions are automatically points that are converted strengthen the Pokémon to discover, to find new hidden objects. Pokéwalker itself has a small screen, which may be a limited version of the game, and when you get home you can re-connect to the 3DS Pokéwalker to synchronize their progress. In other words, with the Pokéwalker the game will be a part of life. You're really in a Pokémon in the pocket and really does not matter how you take it. And this of course only responsible way is something like this approach: What really matters is how far you take it or let someone else take over.

I spent about 15 hours this week playing the new Pokemon GO!, and lead to Pokéwalker around my neighborhood. The little green grass Pokémon call Linka is very well developed and is dominant on the battlefield. I just had clouded the wax, at least not the surface, which is clearly a world that would take several hundred hours of complete master, if we could scratch. Since the games are gold and silver heart soul finely tuned and totally fascinating. (Both versions are almost identical.) And as a player, there is no reason for me not to take Pokéwalker all day. In fact, the psychology of the many fans who are behind if they do not take their Pokéwalker with them. (The positive is that the Pokéwalker some children more than you promote other foot.) Nintendo does not want the end of the experiment was never Pokemon. And certainly not the responsibility of a company to make a product that people no longer want to use. Quite the contrary. Instead, parents have the opportunity to be involved in their children the consumption of media because they are consuming food from their children. And as part of food intake are both the content and the monitoring of eating together, participating in media consumption by controlling the content and sometimes play together really. Away from me, of all people to find some concern in a game because it is too absorbent. But I can with certainty that there is a good thing for me that Pokemon do not exist when I was a child to say. When I was young adults in my life were not ready to play games with me, so strong I was. On some level, I am glad that these devices do not contain Pokéwalker.

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