Nintendo 3DS IR (Infrared Port)

What it is and how it could and would be used to enhance your gaming experience.

Nintendo 3DS InfraRed
  • Nobody exept Nintendo knows for sure what the infrared port on the N3DS will be used for, but it surely can be used for 3DS to 3DS line-of-sight communication and data transmission to add-on devices like PokeWalker.

  • Nintendo 3DS IR controller IC is produced by NXP and bears the markings: S750 0803 TSD031C

Why include an InfraRed Port on the Nintendo 3DS?

  • it is a cheap well known technology...
  • Accessories and 3DS add-on devices that use IR are cheap to produce.
  • No licensing or stigmatization issues unlike with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Super low power consumption as compared to other alternatives.
    (remember the last time you changed batteries for your TV remote? Was it a couple of years ago!)

...and I always wanted to have a RC Helicopter with a built in camera that could be controlled by 3DS.

Soon to come - 3DS Homebrew - Now that the console has been unlocked for playing roms by the Gateway 3DS Team it is not long before we see homebrew Apps starting to appear for the 3DS. And I am absolutely sure that they will find some interesting uses for the IR port that I have not even thought of!

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Pokemon IR - Black & White C-Gear Infrared

How IR Port (Infra Re) is used in Dual Screen Pocket Monster games from GameFreaks.

Pokemon IR C-GearAs You know Poke series are the top selling games for Nintendo consoles starting from GAMEBOY and GBC up to GBA, DS, DSi and now also on Nintendo 3DS. The C-Gear is a new feature in Pokemon Black and White. It is located on the bottom of the screen in a similar manner as in Pocket Diamond and Pokemon Pearl version, and offers a variety of new trading an battle functions. You go to the game after completing a task Makom. First, it is constantly in search of local, wireless, infrared connection and Wi-Fi to find or make new friends. This function is easy enough for those who do not seek to disable it. With the infrared signal from the DS and 3DS, you can quickly battles with up to four players and craft quickly out of the box or PC. You can now also automatically exchange friend codes via IR. InraRed options: Battle, trade, exchange friend codes and the feeling that the compatibility check of the players. The IR "feel box" is a rhythm game between two players and it is assumed that the finger (not pencil) so that they correctly assess their compatibility (which is certainly how he is like a couple of hit rates.)

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What is Infrared (IR) data communication

Infrared (IR) light refers to the electromagnetic radiation that are longer in wavelengths compared to the visible light. It extends from 0.74 to 300 micrometers. It also has a frequency range of about 1 to 400 THz. This light is also incorporated with the thermal radiation given off by the objects with almost around room temperature. Every time the molecules shift up their rotational-vibrational movements, they take in infrared light. This kind of light was discovered by astronomer William Herschel by 1800.


IR data transmission is often used in short-range communication in personal digital assistants and computer peripherals. These devices were manufactured following the standards implemented by the IrDA (Infrared Data Association). All IrDa devices as well as remote controls functions while using infrared light-emitting diodes or LED, which is used to give off radiation controlled with the help of a plastic lens formed to create a narrow beam. The encoding of the data happens with the switching on and off of the said beam. Data is received through a silicon photodiode, which has the task of converting infrared radiation into electric current. The silicon photodiode is only activated by the rapidly pulsing signal from the transmitter and separates the infrared radiation and ambient light from each other. Infrared is also an effective technology in communication indoors, especially those with high population density. However, infrared radiation cannot be used in areas with walls. It does not affect the devices, even those with infrared, if they are located in other rooms despite being in the same building. It is also used in remote controls when functioning for appliances with the help of protocols such as SIRC and RC-5.

The use of infrared lasers is quite affordable for free space optical communication. This is why it is a good solution to be used in communications link installed in an urban area with up to 4GB/s of speed. It is cheaper when compared to using optic cable that still needs to be buried underground.

Another function for communication is when infrared lasers are used as light in optical fiber communications system. It would be an even better option if you choose to use infrared light with 1,330 nm or 1,550 nm if you are planning to use standard silica fibers.

Data transmission with the use of infrared radiation that lead to audio versions is still being studied as of now. It is considered as a possibly good solution for visually impaired people. If this succeeds, it would be launch under the name of Remote Infrared Audible Signage (RIAS).

Scene News : 3DS MultiCarts - 10-in-1 multi game cartridges for all versions of Nintendo 3DS with full online and save game support have been made available costing around $9 USD per game.

GW3DS is getting competition from R5 SDHC and Sky3DS cards that have better compatibility with consoles but do not have homebrew support and advanced interface options like Gateway 3DS...

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All You ever wanted to know about the N3DS IRport and more. Homebrew and Apps to use with the IR, Artificial Reality Games that make use of the 3DS IR.