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R3DS - ROMs for R4 Nintendo3DS Flash Card.

Here is the place where you can download Nintendo DS Game backup copies called NDS ROMS or R4 roms, and soon to come Nintendo 3DS Roms. N3DS Roms are exact backup copies of N3DS cartridges. They can be used:

  • in 3DS Emulator to play games on PC, Mac or Linux
  • in R4 3DS Flash Card to play free games on the N3DS console
  • in Dev Tools to extract graphics, music and video for research and fun
  • as a backup copy of the software you own

R3Ds CM7 Themes

iPhone style icon themes for Android phones.

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Image 1 R4 3DS flashcards - backuptoold for N3DS SuperCard DSTWO, AceKard 3, CycloDS iEVO, R4i RTS SDHC 3DS andmany more top brands are now compatible
Image 3Help & Support for R4 3DS ROMs Ask a question get a quick answer or just search the anwers we have already posted.
Image 4 Infra Red IR Port Different uses of the N3DS infrared (IR) port. From Pokemon battles and IR helicopter control to advanced universal TV remote and remote device mods.
R4 3DS Gateway microSD Revolution for 3DS - GATEWAY 3DS flash card Nintendo handheld has been jailbroken to run 3DS roms from a microSD flash card. Download a torrent and play

Best Nintendo 3DS R4 flashcards

Roms for 3DS Flash Cards. Download Free Games for R4 3DS Nintendo 3DS SuperCard DSTWO AceKard 3 CycloDS iEvo R4i N3DS Gold and R4i SDHC 3DS cartridges.

AceKard 3 - AK2i 3DS - AK3 AceKard 3 - AK2i 3DS - AK3
CycloDS iEvolution - iEVO Cyclo3DS CycloDS iEvolution - iEVO Cyclo3DS
SuperCard 3DS DSTWO - SC3DS SuperCard 3DS DSTWO - SC3DS